Thor (Overwatch Fanart)

Travis ngov thor potg

Thor - Play of the Game

Travis ngov thor posed 01

Thor - Turnaround (Posed)

Travis ngov thor posed 02

Thor - Turnaround (Posed + Alternative Cape)

Travis ngov thor highpoly cape

Thor - HighPoly

Travis ngov thor highpoly nocape

Thor - HighPoly (No Cape)

Travis ngov thor highpoly weapon turnaround

Thor - HighPoly Weapon 01

Travis ngov thor highpoly weapon posed

Thor - HighPoly Weapon 02

Travis ngov thor textures

Thor - Texture Pages

Travis ngov thor turnaround 01

Thor - Turnaround (Tposed)

Travis ngov thor turnaround 02

Thor - Turnaround (Tposed +Alternative Cape)

Travis ngov thor wireframe

Thor - Turnaround (Tposed + Wireframe)

Travis ngov thor weapon

Thor - Hammer

Travis ngov thor weapon wireframe

Thor - Hammer (Wireframe)

Travis ngov thor references

Thor - Reference Page

Here's my take at developing an iconic superhero and making his design fit in the Overwatch universe. The style of Overwatch is so aesthetically appealing that i just had to try and see if i could adapt to their art style. Gathering references was fun as i ended up actually getting the Overwatch art book to further my studies which assisted tremendously in the development of this. It started off as a speed sculpt study during one of my streams then ended up becoming a potential high to low poly portfolio piece! While taking a chance at things completely out of my comfort zone, i happened to learn an extremely amount of things along the way. Overall I had a blast working on this piece and would definitely like to do another character in the future. I would like to thank the Blizzard and the Overwatch team for creating such a fun IP to reference from! Thanks for checking out my work!

Rigging/Skinning done by:

January 22, 2019